Complete your line check on your smart phone or tablet!

Your business success depends on great food quality

The line check is one of your businesses most important tasks. A well-executed line check will build sales, keep customers happy, reduce food costs, and help ensure food safety and health department standards.

It's Easy & Fast

The COMMLOG Mobile Line Check allows users to quickly and easily complete a line check using their internet-connected smart phone or tablet device.

Alerts & Notifications

In addition, the COMMLOG Mobile Line Check is feature-rich, including the option to automatically receive an email notification when line checks are completed.

Time-stamped line check results are automatically logged, along with name of the person who completed the line check, and number of failed items. Completed line checks are stored on the web for reference or for printing.

Virtual Manager Log Integration

The COMMLOG Mobile Line Check functions as either a stand-alone product, or can be seamlessly integrated into your COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log. Line check results appear in the Daily Notes section of your Virtual Manager Log.

How do I get started?

We offer a FREE 30 day evaluation period which you can start immediately by clicking Login at the top of the page.

Unlimited users for

$9/ month

* price is per location and billed quarterly

  • Customized for YOUR Location

    You choose the contents of your line check - you control your company standards

  • Quick & Easy On Your Smart Phone or Tablet

    Login anytime to complete a line check on your smartphone or tablet, or to view completed line check results

  • No Surprises

    Results available instantly on the web, and can even be automatically emailed to you

  • Integrates with the Virtual Manager Log

    Our complete restaurant management tool is available at additional cost

  • Easy to set up - or we can set up for you

    Only $25 setup fee for up to 100 items